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As COVID-19 is getting from bad to worse. Our factories and colleagues battling hard from COVID-19's isolation and test. We're happy to announce that we are now getting back on track and backlogs will be cleared as promptly as possible, while we embrace and welcome our warriors back.

Seeing the world in this global pandemic today sadden us deeply. Knowing how tough this journey is, we would like to announce that all orders from 22nd March 2020 19:00 (GMT +8) to 1st April 2020 23:59 , we will be donating 5% of our sales collectively to the COVID-19 Response Funds from International Medical Corps to fight COVID19 together.

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Have purchased 2 pieces from WR Watches, the Himq Sharkmaster and the San Martin SN011. Both are brilliant watches, very high quality and super accurate. Customer service is the best and always ready to help. 👍

Criag Saunders, UK

I've been buying watches for years but WR Watches made it such a pleasant, friendly and efficient purchase. I was always in contact, got all details of shipping locations and when the watch arrived was blown away by the excellent quality, thank you!

Fabian Gaspari, Ireland

SUPERB customer services (better than many micro / top brands), incredible communication all the time from order until be shipped, they QC is 5 stars, nice quality in the pieces. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, Jason and they staff are THE TEAM

Alex Martignon, Mexico

I recently purchased the 62Mas homage from San Martin watched and I have been extremely impressed with it. The fit, finish, and nuclear lume have all been much better than the low price would suggest. The customer service has been top notch, and overall, I’ve been beyond happy with my purchase. I definitely recommend this model, and San Martin Watches as a whole.

Damion Alexander - Colorado, USA

Beautiful diver, incredible dial details, works perfecty.... I want take the second SM😋

Andrea Malatesta - Cesena, Italy

I bought the San Martin version of 62MAS watch last week. The quality of the watch is second to none. The lume of the watch is super bright. The shipping is very fast and the package is nice. It is definitely well worth the money. Simply the best watch that I purchased in 2018. I will definitely buy another watch from them in the coming year. By the way, their communications and service is also excellent!

Eric Wang - BC, Canada

Second time around even smoother with expedited free shipping and swift delivery! Seller deals with utmost professionalism and I would recommend without hesitation!

Shumit Gupta - Singapore

Great Quality one of the best diver watches out there ! Superb Customer Service, 5 Star!
It is fair to note that the quality and everything about the watch is Superb ! Great bezel movement, super precise ! Smooth hour adjustment, excellent watch movement Seagull I believe, Which in fact is really amazing ! I have purchased a good quantity of watches from a very variated watch brand list, and I must say San Martin and other WrWatches brands are a total must have ! for collectors or simply if you are looking for a fine watch to wear. I really hope my humble review will help many uncertain buyers to take a good choice!

David N. Montemayor - Mexico

I just bought the MM300 Bronze watch and found the customer service to be fantastic. The watch is a lovely piece and has a very high quality feel about it. WR Watches make some lovely, high quality, affordable watches and you should definitely have one in your collection.

Adam Clegg - UK

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