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Warranty Policy

All watches purchased from WR Watches will cover with our manufacturer warranty vary by brand from 1 ~ 2 Years (12 ~ 24months).


Iron Watches 24 MONTHS
Crono Watches 24 MONTHS
San Martin Watches 24 MONTHS
Rdunae Watches 24 MONTHS
Hruodland Watches 24 MONTHS
Proxima Watches 24 MONTHS
Shirryu Watches 24 MONTHS
Heimdallr Watches 24 MONTHS
Seestern Watches 12 MONTHS
Fifty-Four Watches 24 MONTHS
ApexRare Watches 24 MONTHS

Any manufacture defect or poor logistic handling that results in defects/damage during transit/prior to receipt will be covered under the defect on arrival warranty provided by WR Watches.

In an event of warranty claims after 7days of receipt, customer will proceed to ship the item back to us.
Do take note that customers are responsible for the transportation fees, not limited to postage, insurance and packaging materials. 

It is encouraged that the customer purchase insurance for the shipping to insure themselves against missing parcels before receipt by us for warranty. Please take note that the warranty will lapse should there be no receipt of watches. 

A typical repair/warranty claim timeline is 30 days from the date of the approval of this repair/warranty quote. Any costs incurred for non-warranty repairs will be communicated for approval before work is completed.

Watch that purchased from us does not cover with: 

- Damages caused due to modification / unauthorised opening / repairs, improper usage, alters and tampering of item.

- Negligence / Accident / Misuse resulting in defects or damages.

Please take note that our warranty for watches DOES NOT cover wear and tear which includes:

- Stripping of crown threads
- Breaking of crown mechanism / stem
- Magnetized of movements
- Dropping / Voluntarily causing impact to watches which results in damage to movement
- Water damaged of watches when crown are not screw down properly
- Worn out parts (ie. case, case back, bracelet / straps from wear & tear)
- Drained battery

Should any of these arise, please take note that this items are NOT under warranty and you are to look for your own repair at your own expense.

For purchase made from our Accessories collections which include (Bezels, Bezel inserts, Date Disc, Crystals, Watch Hands, Dials, Bracelets, Straps, Crowns, Buckles, Cases, Chapter rings)

Please take note that:
- All accessories will be inspected and checked before shipping
- Should there be any case of defective product received, a replacement, refund or repair will be offered.
- Defective product should be reported within 72h of receipt covered by defective warranty
- There will be NO warranty given upon usage of any accessories product that arise from wear & tear, mishandling and damages arised from fitting of accessories.

For watches purchased from a third party, kindly please contact the respective vendor to liase for your after-market service.